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Thanks for stopping by. About Erik Miller...

Erik Miller

Mortgage Expert

Zig Ziglar says "If you help enough people get what they want, you will inevitably get what you want."
This is my approach to business and partnership. I’m a serious mortgage business nerd, and always easy to reach. My phone number is (623) 696-8683.

Although I may be a mortgage guy, I’m really in the people business. No matter what you may hear, the fact is that a new mortgage is not about the financing.. or even really about the financial savings impact… but HOW that impact or savings makes your life better. It’s not about the money or the house, it’s about your life. That’s why it’s so important to us.

It might sound corny or old fashioned, but I consider it our mission to make a positive impact on the lives of others by helping them through the mortgage process. That doesn’t always mean we end up in a new mortgage right away.. or ever.

Sometimes people just have some questions, or “heard some things”.. maybe they have some credit challenges? Everyone has a slightly different situation or timing, and we are here to do whatever we can to help. If you like straight forward communication, you’ll love working with us.

I am proud to have the absolute best people on my team who are uncompromisingly dedicated to extraordinary levels of service and communication. More important than the business skill set, they are all fantastic human beings. YOU WILL NEVER FIND A MORE DEDICATED, EXPERIENCED, OR TRUSTWORTHY TEAM TO HELP YOU GET A NEW MORTGAGE.

I know that’s a pretty bold statement, but if you give us a chance we will not let you down.